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Mitalee Deshpande of the content bucket. Freelance writer and content creator



Writer &

Content Creator

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I'm Mitalee!

I'm a freelance writer and content creator.

Faded Shapes
Faded Shapes

Welcome to my little, digital world!

If your project requires a bit of creative storytelling, then that's where I come in.

In school, I was the girl that always had a poem ready for recital. With my head high up in the clouds, I laid the foundation of my love for beautiful stories one book at a time.

Not all stories are made of words and grammar. When I learned how to create exciting narratives with motion and art, I'd found my perfect happy place. 

The Content Bucket is a space that allows me to mix my passion for words and art to create engaging tales and leave behind my tiny mark in this gigantic world.

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